Tourist Journey to Discover the Nature of Morocco in the Series “Baba Ali”

The series “Baba Ali”, has been able to deliver a different kind of pleasure than the one the viewer is used to. Both at the level of the plot and the characters who play different roles, and at the level of the heritage scenario that transmits the reality of the Amazigh village and its daily events. This has allowed the series to reach a high audience on Tamazight TV, through the episodes that have been broadcast so far.

The events of this Ramadan series, which are broadcast immediately after Iftar, revolve around an interesting story of a simple man’s adventures in his relationship with his family and community. Through this story, the Moroccan viewer discovers the richness of the Moroccan nature and heritage, especially since the filming took place in carefully chosen locations, far from the studios, given the producer’s desire to wrap the story in the greenery, trees, calm and peacefulness that characterize the Ijjoukak region and the Naqoub hills, in the province Marrakech.

The dialogue and script of the series, inspired by the old story of the legendary character “Ali Baba”, was written and directed by Ibrahim Ali Boubakdi and Ahmed Ntama. As for the main roles, they were played by Lahoucine Bardaouz, Khadija Sakarin, Noura Al-Waltiti, Al Zahia, Amina Achaoui, Abdellatif Atif, Ahmed Natma and Ahmed Owenti.

The series, which is divided into thirty episodes, mixes dramatic and comical situations.

The series was shot in Douar Tagmout near Talat N’Yaaqoub, and it was produced by “Warda Prodexion”, which put a great effort to ensure that the shooting took place in good and brotherly conditions with a coherent technical staff. This was done in spite of all the sanitary conditions that our country and the world are going through, owing to the pandemic, making sure that all the precautionary measures have been taken. All this so that the series “Baba Ali” can see the light of day to the delight of the Moroccan public.

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