The Most Violent Matrimonial Space

The High Commission for Planning (HCP) confirmed that the marital space is the most violent living space for women and men. In fact, 53 percent of all forms of violence against women and 39 percent of all forms of violence against men are committed by the partner. Furthermore, of all forms of violence, psychological abuse remains the most common, representing 54 percent of all forms of violence against women and 73 percent of violence experienced by men.

In a special research on the distinction of violence between women and men and male perceptions of violence, HCP explained that according to the type of violence, the difference between the prevalence rates of violence against women and men is 13 points for economic violence, 12 points for sexual violence, and 10 points for psychological violence, and 2 points for physical violence. It added that this difference, according to the area of life, reaches 16 points in the marital space, 11 points in educational and training institutions, 7 points in the family space and 3 points in public places.

With regard to the workplace, the commission notes that the prevalence of violence among men is one percentage point higher than that of violence among women.

In a new research entitled “Distinguishing Violence Between Women and Men and Male Perceptions of Violence,” the commission explains that at first glance, violence occurs to men in its physical form for about 66% (64% in urban areas versus 68% in rural areas). As for the psychological form of violence, it notes that it occurs in only 19% of cases (21% in urban areas and 17% in rural areas), although this form is the most frequent for men. Economic violence is observed in 8% of cases and sexual violence in 5% of cases.

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