Daniel G. Villegas opens up about his true passion for architectural photography and videography

Daniel G. Villegas is a Photographer/Videographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Daniel G. Villegas grew up in a small neighborhood in southern California with three siblings and two hard-working parents. At a young age, Daniel started expressing himself by drawing artistic images. He found such fascination with visualizing images in his mind and bringing them to real life. Such a pattern of thinking always inspired him to create. 

Growing up, Daniel G. Villegas was fascinated with art and enjoyed sketching in between classes; such skill later allowed him to showcase in high school competitions, leading him to earn multiple awards.

As Daniel G.V continued to discover new skills, his curiosity for photography grew more over time, so he decided to take photography and photoshop courses. Only to realize it was his true calling. Though Daniel G. Villegas was often asked how he came about the composition of his art, his only answer was: “I’m unsure. It just makes sense to me.” 

After high school, Daniel G. Villegas attended college, thinking it would be the most responsible decision in advancing his education, but late nights and endless homework never stopped him from picking up the camera and not leaving his passion behind. Daniel was diligent and persisted in being creative.

Daniel G. Villegas started taking the role of photographer and began taking photos of his friends and family. Daniel shared his art pieces and skills, gaining recognition among friends and professionals offering to work and create products and services for companies.

It was then when the inevitable marriage between photography and videography began. Daniel G. Villegas unknowingly started to realize that it was the start of his career, and it was shaping into something quite remarkable. 

Daniel’s unique approach in photography and videography started catching the attention of well-established real estate professionals. Such as television personality and real estate agent Josh Flagg and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing in Los Angeles, where he worked to promote multimillion-dollar listings in the most prestigious areas of Beverly Hills. 

As a result, Daniel G. Villegas gained his affinity for architecture and began working for luxury real estate giant Red Luxury. Daniel gained traction on platforms reaching over 1.5M collective views on the Red Luxury YouTube channel.

Even though Daniel has a true passion for architectural photography and videography, his line of work implies versatility that gives him the freedom to work with the people that inspires him and continue with the creative process and innovation.

Many projects are on the rise to be captured by talented photographer/videographer Daniel G. Villegas so stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to follow Daniel G. Villegas on his remarkable growing journey on social media.


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