“The Cousins”: A Documentary by Youssef Jajili

The famous journalist Youssef Jajili is about to release a documentary entitled “The Cousins”. It is a long and deep investigation into the actions of Sultan Mohammed V to protect his Jewish citizens, when he refused to hand them over to the Vichy regime. This was at a time when the Kingdom was under French protectorate, and he declared “they are my children, I can’t sacrifice them”.

Jajili, former director of publication of the site “le 360”, has previously conducted an investigation that had caused great controversy in the Tindouf camps, and which remained anchored in the history and memory of Moroccan journalism. For this documentary, he will travel to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York and even Auschwitz, where Jews suffered the Holocaust in order to gather all the evidence. This is according to a post on Facebook where he said: “Here is the announcement of the documentary “the cousins. I will share with you all the steps of its development, and we will travel together to investigate in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York and other cities, to answer the question: Did Sultan Mohammed V really protect the Jews from the Nazi regime?”, along with a trailer of the expected documentary.

Jajili, who started out his career in the daily newspaper Al Massae, before moving on to more important positions thanks to his diligence, plans to meet with several personalities who lived during the mentioned period, who have heard about it, or who have documents and stories that constitute realistic testimonies to consolidate the investigation. Among them is Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, who appears in the trailer of the film.

The famous journalist, presenter of the program With Youssef Jajili, recently published a book entitled “The Sahara … our identity”, which is a long discussion with the Moroccan politician and socialist leader Mohamed El Yazghi, on the main issue of the Moroccans, relating several facts from behind the scenes.

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