Yasmina Ksikes: Ambassador of Moroccan Cuisine

The website “Arab News” wrote a comprehensive article about the Moroccan chef living in the United States, Yasmina Ksikes, describing her as “the true ambassador of Moroccan cuisine”. The site talked about Yasmina’s Moroccan origins (born in Casablanca) and her passion for the culinary arts which has helped her become a true reference in her field.

The website presented a feature on Yasmina, who was the guest of journalist Simo Benbachir, in the interview published by “Arab News” in its French version. In the interview, Simo played with Yasmina in a little game of questions and answers about her life and her field, taking readers on a pleasant tour of discovery of Moroccan cuisine with the “Chef” who talked about her background and some of the secrets of her tasty dishes.

In her interview with Simo, Yasmina stated that her passion for Moroccan cuisine began at home at a very young age, and she then brought this passion to the United States where the culture of Moroccan gastronomy is almost absent. Indeed, Americans consider Tajine, which is the emblem of Moroccan cuisine, to be an exotic dish, which aroused their curiosity to discover this cuisine with its diversity of flavors that are different from their eating habits and tastes, especially since the United States of America is a country that is very far from Africa.

Yasmina Ksikes works as a private chef in Los Angeles; she cooks for private parties and big events in the city for international stars and artists. In addition to her work in her husband’s restaurant, she also teaches culinary arts classes for enthusiasts and fans of delicious food.

In her interview with Simo, Yasmina said, “In California, Moroccan food was not known. Moroccan decor was everywhere in restaurants and homes, but Moroccan food was not as present. There was a lack, and I took the opportunity to introduce the culture of Moroccan cuisine, especially since the climate in Los Angeles is close to that of Morocco; the sun, mountains, and other natural qualities remind us of life in Morocco.”

Yasmina Ksikes got into cooking as a child. Coming from a family of food lovers, she was introduced to tastes and flavors at an early age. Family gatherings, religious celebrations, simple poses: the Ksikes family cooks a lot and Yasmina is no exception to the rule. Her interest continued to grow when she moved to the US.

Not finding her favorite ingredients locally, she decided to prepare them herself and then sell them in gourmet markets and other delicatessens. Little by little, customers are hooked and are introduced to an age-old gastronomy.

It is worth mentioning that “Arab News”, the English-language newspaper and pioneer in the Middle East, has launched its French-language website, in its third international digital version.


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