Khalid Ghanem: The Upcoming Movie Star

KHALID GHANEM is a Moroccan actor,

Since his childhood he practiced several sports swimming, horse ridingand even he was a karate champion, after his schooling he decided tofollow his dream to become an actor he started his studies in Morocco indrama theater , he filmed films in Morocco it was the start of hiscareer before going to Beijing for a project, there everything changedin his life, he decided to stay in Pekin to continue his studies amongthe biggest universities (Beijing film academy) but unfortunately Hecouldn’t continue his studies because it was very expensive so hedecided to just do some training to improve himself even more.

In China it was his beginning of all. where He took the essential rolesin a Chinese series on CCTV (大 海港) <Grand Harbor> commercials …Within two months he took the leading role ( main role ) in a filmChinese (护卫 者) <Guardian> it lasted and it was tiring a bit but heloves his job, he did the voiceover In Arabic and English, in the Chinese film of the movement type”Vanguard” or “Vanguard of the Army”, starring Chinese world star JackieChan.

  For my new projects he working on a romantic and at the same timesporting series (你好 神枪手) <Hello sniper>, and stunt in the bigChinese movie <<The Battle At Lake Changjin>> and now he is working withpubg for the 2nd time last year in Ramadan and this year for Christmas ,and OPPO , vivo , FORLAND …

And then he hope, he says it all, it gaves him a great pleasure to letyou know a little bit about his life. thank you very much. Beforeending his discussion, he would like to add a wish that, he wishes withall his heart to be able to produce films between Morocco and China, andHollywood just need work hard … Morocco remains his country and Hewant to make myself known there, he want create his international name.He have never been inspired by another actor, during all these years, hehave tried to make himself , and he have another wish as we all knowthat the relation between China and Morocco is a good relationship, sowhy not put them together in a movie, so that people get to know thecultures of both countries.

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