In Israel a Third Dose for all as Early as Next Week

More than half of the people aged 30 and over in Israel have already been vaccinated with the booster dose.

In Israel, nearly two million people have already been vaccinated with the third dose. Moreover, over the course of the next week, the third vaccination campaign is expected to be expanded to all age groups, as reported in the news here last week.

This means that once the Director General of the Department of Health, Professor Ash, has decided, anyone who has been more than five months since they were vaccinated with the second dose will be able to go for the third dose.

The Ministry of Health hopes to vaccinate as many third dose as for the second dose, and hopes to reach at least one million additional vaccinees in the next two to three weeks.

With this expansion of the operation, the Ministry of Health is beginning to discuss and reflect on how the third dose should affect the development of the definition of a vaccine recipient in Israel.

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