World Record and Gold Medal for Israeli Swimmer Mark Malyar

A crazy achievement for Israel at the Paralympic Games: a gold medal and a new world record for Mark Meliar in the 200 meter medley.

Mark qualified for the final from the first place in the qualifications, after achieving a time of 2: 32.86.

This is his first medal at the Paralympic Games and the world record in the 400 m freestyle and gold at the European Championships in the 100 m backstroke.

The president of Israel Yitzhak Herzog congratulated him for his victory. In their conversation, he told the swimmer that he had listened to an interview with his father, who also spoke about him and his twin brother who is participating in the games: “Mark, this is so exciting. Nothing can stop you. A gold medal and a blue and white world record. Congratulations! “. The president said he expects to see him soon at home with the whole delegation.

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