Rabbi Pinto Undergoes a Surgery, and His Relatives Urge His Faithful to Pray for Him

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto recently underwent major surgery. It was conducted by a specialized team of doctors in response to his unstable health condition due to cancer.

The rabbi, who is not yet in his fifties, had the operation in one of the private clinics, surrounded by the concerns of not only his small family, but also his large family of disciples, relatives and followers. Their fears were related to the repercussions of the operation and the disease on his health and life, which made his family invite all his followers to pray for him for good health and longevity.

Rabbi Pinto had recently increased his travels to some cities and regions in the United States, despite his unstable health condition. He also insisted on answering all invitations and leading prayers and reading biblical invocations in the houses, in order to compensate for his absence for many months due to the closure of the borders of all the countries in the world because of the pandemic context.

Despite the warnings of doctors, Rabbi Pinto insisted on praying until the end of the night, for successive days and nights, especially on special Jewish religious occasions, the last of which was the Hebrew New Year celebrations.

The Rabbi, originally from Morocco where his great-grandfather Rabbi Haïm Pinto is buried in Essaouira and whose grave is a place of pilgrimage for Jews from all over the world during the “Hiloula” seasons, is highly respected by his followers and acquaintances. Both Jews and Muslims alike make a point of visiting him and taking advantage of his advice and consultation in all their matters, whether related to business or personal life, because of their confidence in his wisdom and great knowledge.

Rabbi Pinto had already suffered many serious health problems, including his “Corona” infection, which required hospitalization due to his low immunity from cancer. Thankfully, he escaped unharmed owing to the prayers of his disciples and followers, and their sincere love for him.

“Moroccan Jewish Times wishes Rabbi Pinto a speedy recovery and prays to the Almighty to grant him good health and long life.”

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