Morocco: Expert Predicts Easing of Restrictive Measures

Many Moroccans question the continuation of restrictive measures, while the national vaccination campaign continues successfully and is on the right track.

The director of the virology laboratory at Hassan II University, Casablanca, a member of the Technical and Scientific Committee, has his explanation of what seems to be a dichotomy for citizens. In a statement to the Moroccan media, Prof. Moulay Mustapha Ennaji said that citizens enjoy “calculated freedom” for the time being, telling them to go home at 21 hours. This measure can contain the spread and transmission of covid-19 and its new strains, he said.

However, our interlocutor predicts a forthcoming easing of preventive and hygiene measures, on the recommendation of the Technical and Scientific Committee responsible for monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and stabilizing the epidemiological situation in Morocco.

Pr Ennaji, however, conditioned this likely easing of restrictive measures and night curfew on citizens’ “respect for the mandatory wearing of protective masks and the use of disinfectants. Moreover, he reiterated that vaccination plays an essential role in the fight and protection against the disease.

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