Ceuta: Moroccan workers denounce abandonment

Blocked in Sebta for more than a year and a half, Moroccan cross-border workers demonstrated on Monday 11 October in front of the city’s government delegation to demand the reopening of the borders. They fear the loss of their jobs if they abandon the presidency and return to Morocco.

Despite the repatriation operations initiated by the Moroccan authorities, cross-border workers from the Kingdom are still stuck in Sebta, which they have not left for fear of not being able to return.”

Before abandoning Sebta, we have to make sure that we can access it again,” said Rachida, one of the participants in the sit-in. “We are faced with two options: to stay here without being able to see our children and families or to join them in Morocco and risk losing our jobs,” she continues.These Moroccan women say they are “fed up with waiting” and want “their situation to be studied, and this outside of political tensions”, they tell the local media El Faro de Ceuta.

Concerning the situation of the borders, some media sources in the enclave mentioned a possible reopening of the border crossing from this Monday, October 11. Contacted by us, an authorized source at the government delegation in the city said he had no date for the opening of the border. “We do not know the date of reopening of the border crossing. The decision must be decided between Rabat and Madrid,” said our interlocutor.

This is not the first time that this collective has expressed its discontent. Several demonstrations have taken place, on both sides of the borders, to denounce this closure which penalizes these workers.As a reminder, the Moroccan authorities decreed, in March 2020, the closure of the land borders with Spain and the suspension of air links, due to the health crisis. Since then, the inhabitants of the region have been waiting impatiently for the reopening of this border crossing and denounce the abandonment.

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