Actor Mohamed Choubi ends his artistic career

Here is a news that will have the effect of a bomb among the many admirers and fans of the excellent Moroccan actor, Mohamed Choubi! Indeed, the actor, writer and poet has just announced, on Tuesday 22 March, that he has decided to end his artistic career, to the great surprise of his public, his friends and some of his fellow artists.

Via his official Facebook page, Mohamed Choubi explained the reasons for his decision. “I am withdrawing from the art scene, not because of religion, which has nothing to do with art, but because of the prevailing favouritism and clientelism.

This publication by an artist so loved, appreciated and valued by the Moroccan public has caused great astonishment and controversy on social networks. This, knowing that Mohamed Choubi, in addition to his artistic and literary activities, has always been present to defend the arts, all branches combined, as he did not hesitate to take part in numerous sit-ins, as well as in partisan and social protest demonstrations.

However, some people think that Mohamed Choubi wants to end his acting career because he has been distanced by some producers lately, as he himself had previously announced. Indeed, in a previous publication on his official Facebook page, the artist had written: “I don’t know why I became undesirable for some producers, as I don’t know who has an interest in my not participating in a work of Moroccan television.

Mohamed Choubi, whose popularity with the Moroccan public is as certain as it is sincere and well-deserved, also added: “I love my country first, and I say what I think, dear friends!

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