Plane crashes near Rabbi Pinto’s residence in Miami

A plane crashed near the residence of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto in Miami, U.S.A., while the Rabbi and his followers were performing the Shabbat ritual. Although the crash was very close to the Rabbi’s residence, and it was very possible that the plane would crash directly over the residence, the Rabbi was not affected, nor were his followers. 

Rabbi Pinto was known for his miraculous blessings, which is why many people seek his advice and blessing. Indeed, the Rav is descended from a line of rabbis known for their ability to perform miracles. A barber shop in Brooklyn, New York, was exposed to a fire that completely destroyed everything except for the religious books written by Rabbi Pinto, which remained intact and untouched by the fire, to the astonishment of everyone. The American media, such as Fox News, covered this fascinating incident, answering questions from people who wondered why the books did not burn, even though they were more fragile than the rest of the furniture in the living room. The rabbi, whose origins date back to the Moroccan city of Essaouira, had previously predicted the spread of the Coronavirus around the world, three months before the pandemic, when he spoke of an impending major disaster, a message that was carried by millions of his followers around the world.

Rabbi Pinto is visiting the coastal city of Miami to open a new yeshiva, which will join his group of religious schools around the world, and to meet with many of his disciples, followers and those who wish to seek his blessing and advice, both from members of the American Jewish community, residing in Miami or in the rest of the cities in the state of Florida, and from other states, as well as non-Jews. 

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