The industrial zone of Ain Sebaâ-Hay Mohammadi celebrates its 100 years

During the celebration of 100 years of the industrial zone of Ain Sebaâ-Hay Mohammadi, which contributes to 46% of national industrial production and employs 42% of the workforce of the region of Greater Casablanca-Settat, the industrial actors have stressed the need to strengthen the competitiveness of the sector by opening the way to new sectors oriented towards the future.

“By gathering in the industrial zone, companies had the objective to work alongside territorial decision-makers for the improvement of the infrastructure of the area, but also to make more networking between them to share best practices, “said Mohammed Fikrat, President of the Association of the industrial zone “AZIAN”, noting that this area has an area of 435 hectares and includes more than 500 companies around 30 industries, and calling on the Ministry to strengthen control to ensure that the strategies adopted to strengthen the industrial fabric are adopted by the parties concerned.

The celebration which was scheduled for April 2020 crowns a century of hard work during which the giants of Moroccan industry were born and developed, and is an opportunity to highlight the potential of this area to create more value and more jobs.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Industry and Trade said that “this area was the biggest economic lung of Morocco but that has changed. Many things have changed for the better, many polluting industries have left and many have met standards but we are not yet finished, because Casablanca is not industrially dead.
The Minister took this opportunity to call on industrial operators to focus on the potential of the industrial area of Ain Sebaâ-Hay Mohammadi to promote its ecosystems and avoid that the scenario of Fez industries, which was a real industrial pole, does not reproduce, stressing that Morocco is now considered among the most dynamic industries in the world. 

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