Glovo Signs 2 Agreements with Moroccan Authorities to Support the Moroccan Ecosystem

  • A 3 year agreement with MCINET, Ministry of Industry and Trade – Morocco

to support Digitization of SMEs local ecosystem and help elevate the Industry across Morocco 

  • A Partnership Agreement with NARSA to promote Road Safety and Awareness among Drivers and the Community 

Casablanca, Morocco, 22nd June,  2022,, Glovo Morocco, one of the world’s leading multi-category apps, today announced  signing 2 new agreements this week with  MCINET, Ministry of Industry and Trade and NARSA  to further support the Moroccan ecosystem.

Both agreements are part of Glovo’s Global Social Impact initiative and effort to support small and medium enterprise ecosystems Support local SMEs and ecosystems and make a positive impact in the world. It is an opportunity to highlight current challenges with economic recovery, post covid)  and Glovo as part of the solutions to keep the cities moving and creating economic opportunities. This is Glovo’s  commitment to social responsibility towards the world generally, and towards its customers and employees in Morocco . 

The  MCINET memorandum of understanding aims to create more new economic opportunities with indirect and direct jobs by 2025 at several outsourcing cities in the Kingdom, with a total investment of more than 65 million dirhams. .

The digitalization of the sector has been at the top of the priorities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development of national trade. The objective is to make the most of it, especially for local commerce which needs, more than ever, simple and accessible digital tools allowing it to improve its competitiveness and added value. 

This agreement aims to create economic opportunities and support the digitization of local trade; 

Contribute to the improvement of the additional turnover of the small merchants referenced in the Glovo platform by 15% to 20% ; provide training for traders in the field of marketing and digital in collaboration with the CCIS and professional associations, bring technical support to the MRTB (Moroccan Retail Tech Builder) through sponsoring, mentoring, networking and participation in workshops and related events; and to encourage the “made in Morocco” labeled products at the national and international levels; along with the creation of a “research and development” center for the Glovo platform in Morocco. 

To this end, Glovo Morocco, wishes to coordinate their efforts in the service of the ecosystem of sectors targeted by this partnership, through the signing of such  agreements that will allow Glovo to enter and increase investment  in the Region. The agreement will  broken down into major axes aimed at supporting digitalization and e-commerce, namely, Glovo To launch it services  to  accelerate the digitisation of the SME ecosystem and help the most vulnerable communities in  Morocco 

Commenting on the agreement, William Benthall, Global Director, Government Relations & Public Policy at Glovo, said: , We are pleased to form such  valuable partnerships with the Moroccan authorities to support our region’s SMEs and continue the socio-economic recovery and growth of the country’s ecosystems. He added,“ At Glovo, we feel this initiative sets a new industry standard for a fairer gig economy. At Glovo, we have always been in favor of providing our couriers with access to greater social rights, no matter their contractual relationship. By 2023 we expect to be collaborating with around 240,000 couriers worldwide and we are committed to providing each of them with better social rights and benefits while also protecting the autonomy and flexibility they value.” 

As a reminder, the trade sector is one of the pillars of the Moroccan economy: it contributes to 7.9% of the national gross domestic product and is the second- employer at the national level, with approximately 1.59 million jobs, or about 15.2% of the active population in Morocco. Local trade represents more than 85% of the number of transactions in the trade and distribution sector.

Glovo Signs a A Partnership Agreement with NARSA to promote Road Safety and Awareness among Drivers and the Community 

As part of the implementation of the national road safety strategy 2017-2026 and its five-year action plan 2022-2024 and in particular, the axis related to the improvement of road safety, the National Agency for Road Safety (NARSA) signed on June 22nd, 2022, a framework partnership agreement with Glovo Morocco in the field of prevention and road safety on Tuesday 21 June in Casablanca. The objective of this agreement is to raise awareness of the rules of road prevention and to make them ambassadors of road safety but also to reach through the interface GLOVO all users, with relevant and powerful messages. 

This agreement is based on three main axes: communication, prevention, and education on road safety; innovation and research as well as the training of delivery agents reporting to Glovo in terms of awareness of the rules of prevention and road education. At the same time, NARSA will use the GLOVO mobile application to deliver targeted awareness messages to the various users of the application. Glovo will share with NARSA the databases that contribute to reducing accidents of two-wheeler drivers. 

Through this partnership, NARSA aims to promote safety among users of the Glovo application and among the 2500 Glovo delivery drivers spread over fifty cities in Morocco, and ultimately to contribute to reducing the number of accidents among this category of road users.

Majdouline El Idrissi, Social Impact Ambassador, Glovo Morocco, Said  “At Glovo, we believe we can contribute to your great efforts and create greater awareness about traffic and road safety.  We would like to continue to focus on raising awareness among all of our drivers and teams the importance of following traffic laws and rules of the road” El Edriss added This initiative is part of Glovo’s commitment to society and its ongoing efforts to partner with the private sector and authorities to develop joint solutions to reduce road accidents and avoid human and material losses. Compliance with safety procedures would directly contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents and related fatalities.

It is to be reminded that the actions to be carried out within the framework of this convention spread over three years will be the subject of specific annual action plans.

Since its launch in the summer of 2018, the home delivery technology platform has expanded its network to 40 cities in Morocco. In 2022, Glovo will continue this trend and its efforts to make its services even more affordable and accessible, the application applies a 30% reduction on its delivery costs throughout its network in Morocco. Glovo’s success in Morocco is also reflected in the continuous development of its partner ecosystem and the visibility and allows companies to reach new consumers by taking advantage of the digital economy to significantly increase their level of activity. Glovo also helps to open up rural areas and give their populations simple and practical access to an ever-increasing number of products.

The application acts as an accelerator of economic opportunities for the 2500+ glovers currently registered in Morocco. The platform offers them new sources of income by helping to promote the employability of young people in urban areas, a population largely affected by the lack of activities. 

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