Festival / Electro: Dakhla into the wild

Oasis Festival returns from September 20 to 26 with a new concept, “Oasis: Into The Wild”. A new nomadic approach that aims to invite the public to discover the best of Moroccan destinations through music, gastronomy and lifestyle. Into The Wild intends to give its visitors the opportunity to explore a particular region through a guided itinerary of excursions, culinary discoveries and musical performances, emphasizing encounters and sociability.
Into The Wild will culminate in an intimate music festival on September 23 and 24 that will bring more participants into the experience. Focusing annually on a different region of Morocco, each edition of Into The Wild will ensure the specificity of the concept. The uniqueness of an experience that will make visitors want to return to Morocco to discover more of its beauty and diversity.

The first edition of Into The Wild will take place in Dakhla, one of the most up and coming Moroccan destinations. An event like Into The Wild is indeed the perfect opportunity to highlight this increasingly popular region. Dakhla is an exceptional setting to promote the image of Morocco. Located at the meeting point of the Sahara and the Ocean, Dakhla is one of the bridgeheads of eco-tourism in Morocco.

This event will offer in the pure tradition of the spirit of Oasis Festival an intimate stage that can accommodate a few hundred festival-goers around a line up of great invoice. Founded in 2015, Oasis Festival and its co-founder Marjana Jaïdi have proven consistently and recurrently that it is not only about music. It was about an authentic vacation experience on African soil with a world-class soundtrack, all immersed in a paradisiacal location.

Its carefully curated program features not only international stars, but also a wealth of local and regional stars, who have helped bring the world and a whole new audience to the burgeoning local scene. The pearl of the south Dakhla and all the customs and culture it has to offer is what sets it apart from a multitude of other festivals around the world.

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