Table oil: 15% drop in the price of Lesieur Cristal sunflower-based products

Since 2020, the table oil sector has been hit hard by rising raw material prices and fluctuations in these prices at international level.

The group announced, in a statement, a decrease in the price of its table oil products based on sunflower for consumers and industrial customers, following the availability of sunflower oil on the international market.

The same source adds that the sector of oil raw materials, part of the main components of the production of table oils, has experienced an increase in prices due to many external factors, given that this sector in Morocco imports more than 99% of its raw material needs, making it one of the sectors most affected by high prices of raw materials for oils.

Affected by the rise in prices of inputs, Lesieur Cristal Group remains concerned about maintaining the purchasing power of its customers while continuing its mission of securing the supply of oil in Morocco, concludes the group’s statement.

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