Hamid El Hadri reassures his fans that he has a brain tumor

The young Moroccan musician Hamid El Hadri, currently in France, has been operated for a brain tumor. He wanted to give an update on his medical situation.

In a new story shared on his Instagram account, the singer showed himself smiling and optimistic, while waiting for an answer on his medical situation. Indeed, Hamid El Hadri decided to go to Lyon this weekend, just to change air while waiting for the result of the biopsy on the tumor he was operated on.

Hamid El Hadri tells his fans that he keeps faith in God, and that one should learn from these experiences, especially by being humble and looking at the good side of things. The artist should have a return from the doctors next Tuesday.

As a reminder, the singer who had gone to Turkey for a hair transplant operation was shocked after analysis of the presence of a brain tumor in the frontal part of his head.

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