Controversy around the Oktoberfest: the blow of gueule of Saad Abid 

At a time when the fate of the German beer festival is shrouded in mystery, it does not fail to make news. Indeed, Oktoberfest continues to tear up the national web.

The Moroccan web has been torn apart following the withdrawal on Facebook of the announcement of the holding of the beer festival in Bouskoura in Casablanca next October. The German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Marokko) aspired to bring together the “cultures” of the two countries through the organization of the first edition of the event in the kingdom.

If this announcement has made many happy on social networks, it has also stirred the anger of other Internet users, not to mention some NGOs that have launched petitions to ban what they called “blasphemy”.

In this sense, the creator of web content and Moroccan influencer, Saad Abid, has pushed a blow to the media outcry on the issue. For him, the holding of the Oktoberfest does not bother more than some uncivil behaviors, and that in no way represent “Islam” that preach those who called for the cancellation of the German event.

Saad Abid said in his publication “where is our Islam when we really need it. Islam is actions not words or comments on social networks. Hypocrisy or paradox?

It should be noted that following the negative reactions on social networks, AHK Marokko has removed all traces of the event from its Facebook page. Some media outlets have indicated that the event will be held “on the sly”, but AHK Marokko has not made any official statement in this regard.

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