Cabo Negro: fire outbreak in the forest area

The flames ravaged the forests surrounding the resort of Cabo Negro, located a few kilometers from Tetouan. According to eyewitnesses, the fires were seen at the level of the hill overlooking the residential areas as shown in the videos below, knowing that the smoke obscured the horizon. Videos posted on social networks showed that the fire started in the afternoon with a wind that was blowing very hard.    
The fire became so large that the flames kept spreading due to the wind, invading a significant part of the forest. Residents were so worried that some of them have decided to leave the area until the fire is controlled, according to the same sources, who told us a roads leading to Martil and M’diq were clogged by long queues of cars.   
The authorities, for their part, have mobilized a water bomber plane type “Canadair”, which was seen flying over the area devastated by fire.   

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