Online shopping: 85% of Moroccans are concerned about data use

For example, 78% of consumers said the security of payment methods offered on a merchant’s website was the main reason they chose to pay online with their card rather than cash on delivery (COD), a Visa press release said. 
Ensuring that their payment data will be protected (privacy preservation) came in second (57% of consumers), while the price of goods or services was the least important consideration (21%) for choosing a payment method, the same source added.  
The same trend was observed in-store, where consumers ranked the security of the merchant’s payment system (74%) as the most important factor when considering digital payment options to pay for goods and services, followed by warranties and return policies (64%) and security and hygiene (39%).  
More than three in five consumers surveyed have made a digital payment in the past month, and nearly half of those surveyed are using more digital payments in-store – including contactless – and online since the arrival of Covid-19. 

The majority of consumers (77%) said they would switch stores or online shopping sites and apps based on the payment methods offered by merchants, with most consumers indicating a strong preference for digital payments over cash, the survey reports, which also found that 34% of consumers prefer to use cash for tips at hotels, restaurants or tourist locations and utilities.  And while the majority of consumers (68%) say they are confident in recognizing a fraud or scam, a third of those surveyed in Morocco still have difficulty in this area.  

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