Israeli liaison office denies any connection to a labor recruitment firm

The Israeli diplomatic mission reacted to information published in a few sites that announced the existence of a mediation office specializing in job offers in Israel and work visas. “The Israeli liaison office in Rabat has no connection with this so-called “mediation office” or with any other office that claims to issue work visas to Israel,” the diplomatic mission said in an update. 

In addition, the Israeli liaison office provided more details on the matter. “During the visit of Israeli Interior Minister Abelet Shaked to Morocco and her meeting with her counterpart, Abdel-Wafi Laftit, in June 2022, the two officials expressed their intention to reach a labor agreement that would allow Moroccans to work in Israel,” adding that the two countries are taking the first steps to initial this agreement. 

That said, the Israeli Liaison Office will not issue work visas until this agreement is signed and ratified by both governments. 

Israeli companies are making all the steps with the Ministry of Interior to prepare the steps for work visas issued to Moroccans, said the same source, adding that the entry into force of work visas will be announced only after the signing of the official agreement between the Moroccan and Israeli governments.

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