Official: Morocco records a new confirmed case of monkeypox

As part of the national mechanism of vigilance and epidemiological surveillance, and in application of its communication policy, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection announces to the public opinion that a confirmed case of Monkeypox, or monkeypox, has been recorded in Morocco in a foreign citizen,” said the ministry in a statement, specifying that it is an imported case.

The ministry explained that the first elements relating to the health status of the patient indicate that he is “in good health, that his condition remains stable and does not give rise to concern”. The patient is being treated in accordance with health procedures adopted in this area, the statement said.

It added that the teams of the national and regional centers of public health emergency operations and rapid response teams ensure the delineation of contact cases in order to submit them to medical control and take preventive measures in accordance with national and international standards of health security.

According to the Ministry, this is the third confirmed case of Monkeypox in Morocco since the first case recorded on June 02.

He concluded that the Ministry of Health and Social Protection will continue to communicate with the national public opinion, and to inform it of all developments, as it has done since the beginning of this global health alert.

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