Controversy: A new “cat killer” ignites the web

he scene reportedly took place in Tetouan, went viral in a few days, sparking a wave of indignation on social networks, where Internet users launched a hashtag #السجن لداعس_ القطة

 _بتطوان_ وقاتلها (Prison for the murder of the cat )

On this video, which has been widely circulated on social networks, documented by a surveillance camera in one of the stores on Mohamed El Kharraz street in Tetouan, a man is filmed crushing a cat with his feet to death.    

In the first reactions, the Association for the Defense of Animals and Nature (ADAN) decided to file a complaint against the person involved in this act deemed barbaric by Internet users. Note that a complaint has been filed with the Prosecutor of the King at the Court of First Instance of Tetouan.

The complaint filed by the association notes that “no one has the right to deprive animals of life, which remains the most fundamental right for all creatures in the universe. And to add that the cat was simply seeking to find a shelter to hide from stray dogs”.

It is to be reminded that the penal code in its article 601 fixes a list of animals not to kill voluntarily (Poison to be more precise). It is about the animals of draft, mount or load, the animals with horns, the sheep, the goats or other cattle, the dogs of guard or fish in ponds, viviers or tanks. In addition, article 602 specifies that anyone who, without necessity, kills or mutilates the above-mentioned animals or any domestic animal, in the premises, buildings, enclosures and outbuildings or on the land of which the master of the animal killed or mutilated is the owner, tenant or farmer, “shall be punished by imprisonment for two to six months and a fine of 200 to 250 dirhams”.

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