Noureddine Bikr passed away at the age of 70

The information was confirmed to the press by the actor Mohamed Khiari in front of the house of the deceased in Casablanca.   

Born in Derb Sultan in Casablanca, the deceased remains an emblematic figure of national theater. He started his artistic career in 1967 with the troupe “Al Oukhouwa Al Arabiya” directed by Abdeladim Chennaoui. Then he was supervised by Tayeb Saddiki to be one of the pioneers of the national artistic scene.   

In the 90s, Noureddine Bikr shone in the theater within the amateur theater company “Masrah Al Hay” with which he presented memorable plays including “Chareh Melh” and “Hab o Tben”.    

The actor has participated in several TV movies, feature films and sitcom, including with his famous character Hammadi. One of his last appearances was in the sitcom “Zankat Saada” broadcast on 2M during last Ramadan.

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