The suicide of a young doctor at CHU Ibn Rochd shocks the web 

The CHU Ibn Rochd was the scene of a macabre event in early September. A young doctor killed himself inside the hospital.

The National Commission of Interns and Residents (CNIR) and the Moroccan web were outraged by the tragedy. The deceased, Yassine Rachid, was a doctor in the urology department of the structure. The young doctor would have given himself death by hanging in his room within the structure.

According to a press release from the CNIR, of which Le Site Info has a copy, the deceased decided to end his life because of the pressure he was under within the institution. The Commission was also indignant about certain practices within the UHC, whose objective is to “intimidate interns and residents, in addition to subjecting them to an important negative emotional and psychological load during their training. This can only result in psychological and physical damage that can be fatal.

The Commission has also indicated its willingness to fight these practices against interns and residents in any way possible.

On social networks, the emotion is palpable. As evidenced by this message from one of his colleagues.

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