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August 30, 2022, London – With great consternation and gravity, the association Generations of Moroccans of the World acknowledges the current situation regarding the issuance of European visas to Moroccan applicants. This summer season has been marked by an unprecedented rate of visa refusals, resulting in the emergence of a feeling of injustice within Moroccan public opinion. A feeling that the Moroccan World Generations association fully shares.

Meanwhile, thousands of European tourists continue to flock to Morocco to spend their vacations, and this, without any restrictions being imposed by our embassies and consular services.

For the Moroccan World Generations Association, the most alarming thing is not only the rate of refusal of European visas, but also the random manner in which applications submitted to consulates are processed. Also, the lack of justifications given to Moroccans whose visa applications have been refused.

In addition, the Moroccan World Generations Association wishes to denounce the way in which visa application processing agencies employed by European embassies, such as TLS Contact and BLS International, operate. Given that the response time for visa applications can be as long as 40 days, this delay results in the withholding of applicants’ passports for an excessive period of time, thus violating the right of mobility of Moroccans.

Although the members of the Moroccan World Generations Association reside abroad, and are therefore not directly concerned by the current policy of issuing visas, we can only feel outraged by the treatment reserved for our compatriots. The very creation of our association is the result of a deep attachment to the dignity of the Moroccan people.

Therefore, in view of these serious restrictions on the rights of Moroccans, and in consultation with a legal team, the Moroccan World Generations Association is currently studying the possibility of taking legal action against all agencies that subcontract European visa applications, in order to demand, on the one hand, the opening of an investigation into the current procedure for issuing European visas, and on the other hand, the payment of compensation to all Moroccans whose visa applications have been randomly refused.

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  1. Your best way is to lower all links or ties to France and build new ties to other nations in the world. It’s a great opportunity to wake up to strategize for a future with France cornered. Anything Moroccan people need is found elsewhere. I have no sympathy for Moroccan people still enslaved to French colonialism

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