Justice: The altercation of Casablanca is in the hands of the prosecution

The Saudi Arabian embassy in Morocco said in a statement published Thursday evening on its Twitter account that it has learned the ins and outs of the murder of one of its nationals during an altercation in Casablanca, a city that continues to rank among the safest destinations in the world.

“The embassy wishes to emphasize that it is following, with the competent Moroccan authorities, the details of the tragedy since it took place, which has led to the conclusion that the deceased was killed by a group of security guards working in the hotel where the Saudi citizen was staying,” reads the statement, which says it is “following with great interest” the progress of the case with the authorities in Morocco and has “full confidence” in the Moroccan justice.

At the time of writing, the Saudi embassy in Rabat “is collaborating with the competent Moroccan authorities to repatriate the body of the deceased to Saudi Arabia, once the required procedures are carried out,” the source continues.

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