The latest news on the health of Khadija El Bidaouia

Khadija El Bidaouia is fighting against lung cancer and is currently receiving the necessary care. Contacted by “Ralia“, the daughter of the artist indicates that the state of health of her mother is not reassuring, indicating that chemotherapy does not work. “We had to stop the sessions since her body does not respond to treatment. In addition, she cannot undergo any surgery. She is currently taking some medication to relieve her pain,” she said.

The daughter of El Bidaouia also stressed that the Ministry of Culture has just donated 30,000 dirhams to the popular singer. “The ministry sent us this sum and promised us that measures will be taken in the framework of the treatment my mother needs. Several artists, whom I thank very much, have also been willing to help my mother,” she added.

As a reminder, Mohamed El Khiari was one of the first names in the entertainment scene to draw attention to the health of El Bidaouia, the icon of the Aita Marsawiya. Suffering from lung cancer, the artist was able to count on the support of the national artistic community, to support her in this crisis.

El Khiari had launched an appeal via her Instagram account to the national entertainment world to help the 70-year-old singer with the cost of her treatment. The Ministry of Culture later entered the line, taking care of the singer’s medical expenses.

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