Bangladesh plans to buy 30,000 tons of Moroccan fertilizers

The expected objective is to increase the country’s stock of fertilizer for food crops in the coming seasons. Indeed, the Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) will buy 30,000 tons of Moroccan fertilizer, produced by OCP, at $687.25 per ton, which is lower than the previous price of $914 per ton.
The remaining 60,000 tons will be urea-based fertilizer to be purchased by Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) in Qatar, as decided by the Cabinet Committee on Government Procurement.
BCIC, under the Ministry of Industry, will buy 30,000 tons of beaded urea in bags at $724.5 per ton.  The agency will also buy 30,000 tons of bulk granular urea from Qatar at $733.33 per ton.

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