Casablanca: Vast operation of cleaning of the beaches of Ain Guedid

Morocco is working to protect and preserve its own coastline. As part of the World Cleaning Day, Saad Abid, founder of the association Bahri and creator of content on social networks, launched a campaign to collect waste from half the beach with the help of 430 volunteers.

Contacted by “L’Opinion”, Abid said that “this beach has experienced a strong degradation in recent years, through the actions of people who shamelessly throw their waste on the beach. There is everything: glass or plastic bottles, cans, fruit peelings, fish bones, socks, baby diapers and even rubble. Scarabée is sad to see”. A situation that has revolted the residents and has received a little attention from Geo cycle, an international network specializing in waste management, which helped collect 9160 kg of garbage by distributing garbage bags.

It should be noted that the next collection will take place on October 9 for the other half of the beach by sitting to have sponsors and work in close collaboration with the city authorities.

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