Moroccan students in Ukraine: The Issue is not resolved

As expected, medical, dental and pharmacy students returning from Ukraine have just passed the entrance exam to private medical schools in Morocco on Saturday 24 September. Despite the facilities provided by Ukrainian universities, especially distance learning, the medical students wish to continue their studies in the motherland.

However, they are far from satisfied with the conditions under which the competition in question took place. Thus, the association of parents of Moroccan students in Ukraine (ANPEMU) regretted that “the teaching methods followed in Ukraine and the language in which students were taught was not taken into account.

Abdelkader El Yousfi, president of the National Association of Parents of Moroccan Students in Ukraine (ANPEMU) indicated that: “the duration of the competition did not exceed one hour and a half and it included 100 multiple choice questions (QCM)” and continued “the competition included medical terms abbreviated in French”. The situation is becoming increasingly difficult, according to El Yousfi, because Moroccan students returning from Ukraine have done their studies in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. 

For the representatives of the Moroccan students, it is mainly the congestion of the public faculties and the university hospitals as well as the limited and very competitive places for the diploma of speciality which remain among the obstacles for their full integration in the three scientific fields concerned. These are the same factors that would have pushed Miraoui to favor the option of integrating students from Ukraine in the private circuit, rather than in the public. 

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