Pharmacists in Morocco call for an overhaul of the legal framework

Engage in a responsible discussion on the imbalances that afflict the pharmaceutical sector and identify solutions to give new impetus to this sector, these were the main objectives of the “Fifth World Congress of Moroccan Pharmacists”, held Saturday on the occasion of the International Day of Pharmacists, commemorated on September 25 each year. 

In this sense, pharmacists have highlighted the dysfunctions that the pharmaceutical sector in Morocco.

From now on, some pharmacies suffer from difficult economic conditions, especially the obsolescence of the legal framework governing the profession and the emergence of the sale of drugs outside the legal framework.

In this sense, the actors of the pharmaceutical sector have indicated that this situation is becoming increasingly difficult to control because of the poor coordination with the ministry in charge.

In this context, in order to succeed in the upgrading of the sector, the fifth Congress of the Moroccan pharmacists’ world has pointed out the importance of making the pharmacist “an essential partner in the social protection project”.

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