L’Boulevard festival 2022

On Friday, September 23rd, the L’Boulevard festival celebrated its 20th anniversary. As usual, since 1999, the competition has given pride of place to young talent and emerging artists. About twenty groups and artists are competing for the most glorious title of the urban culture.

Three days of springboard, 3 musical genres and 17 groups and artists (9 in Rap/Hip Hop, 4 in Rock/Metal and 4 in Fusion), passed the test on the stage of the R.U.C, in front of an audience that hardly knows them and a jury that will have to award two competitors per genre. Coming from El jadida, Oujda, Khémisset, Marrakech, Guercif, Safi, Kénitra, Fez, Rabat and Casablanca, the 17 groups selected have perfected their original compositions from September 23 to 25. The audience will see the winners once again on stage from September 30 to October 2. 

Four artists were invited to the first day of the L’Boulevard festival, Dj Key (turntablism), Abduh (rapper), Vargass (rapper) and Khtek (rapper). “I am very happy and honored to be invited to the 20th edition of the festival L’Boulevard. It is a proof that women can succeed and show that they are capable of doing things that were the monopoly of men before. Thank you to all the people who have accompanied and supported me in this experience,” said the rapper, Khtek, after her performance. 

On the third day, dedicated to fusion music, 4 groups set the stage on fire (Bazoga, Mizane, Hasba Groove and Ribab fusion). In addition to the extraordinary live concerts, this 20th edition, like its predecessors, has on the menu a panel of activities, programmed throughout the days of L’Boulevard. Circus workshops and animations are scheduled on Friday, September 30, Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, as well as dance workshops scheduled on September 25 and October 2.

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