adulterated alcoholic beverages cause the death of several people

The city of Ksar El Kebir woke up, this Tuesday morning of September 27, on a drama having caused the death of 7 people at least, following their consumption of adulterated alcoholic beverages, learned Le Site info of concordant source.

The death toll should probably be revised upwards, since the health of several other people has seriously deteriorated after they also drank water of life (ma hya) adulterated, added the same source. And to specify that the deceased are from Hay Salam and Oulad Hamid, the city of Larache.

Given the magnitude of this tragedy, the national “Rabita” for the defense of human rights in Morocco has called for an investigation to clarify the real circumstances that led to the death of all these people.

Recall that the town of Al Aroui, 22 km from Nador, had experienced a similar drama, towards the end of last August. And 8 people had died after drinking adulterated alcoholic beverages. The local Brigade of Judicial Police, under the general annex of the National Security, the city of Al Aroui, under the supervision of the competent prosecutor, had then conducted an investigation into criminal acts, perpetrated by the owner of a local general food.

The latter, a thirty-year-old, was accused of being involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages, threatening public health and causing the death of consumers of said beverages.

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