Organization CAN 2025: in addition to Morocco and Algeria, another country is a candidate

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) withdrew the organization of the 2005 CAN from Guinea. And after this withdrawal, several countries have expressed their desire to replace Guinea and to organize the continental soccer greatness.

Among these potential bids, Senegal has expressed its intention to organize the CAN 2005, through the voice of the Senegalese Minister of Sports, Yankhoba Diatara. He said: “We have contacted the president of the Senegalese Football Federation in order to obtain the specifications and to analyze the situation. After that, we intend to present some observations to the highest authorities of the country”.

The Senegalese Minister of Sports continued: “We will take into consideration the vision of the Head of State to make Senegal benefit from sports infrastructure of international level, to allow the country to host important competitions.

It should be noted that the Kingdom has expressed its desire to organize the CAN 2O25, before Algeria, Nigeria and Benin expressed the same wish, according to many continental and international media.

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