Schengen visa appointment: the phenomenon of intermediaries arrives in Parliament

Hamid Darrak, member of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP), in the House of Representatives, alerted to this phenomenon of intermediaries who speculate on the appointments to obtain the Schengen visa, in return for large sums of money sound and stumbling.

Similarly, the deputy of the Rose Party asked the Minister of the Interior to restore order by putting an end to this greedy blackmail and perpetrated in full view of everyone.

And in a written question addressed to Abdelouafi Laftit, the member of the Committee on Audit of Public Finances, the House of Representatives, recalled that the reopening of the borders of several European countries, after several months of closure due to the pandemic of covid-19, many citizens have undertaken to make their applications for obtaining the Schengen visa, via TLS Contact with which several embassies and consulates of the European Union collaborate in order to set appointments for this purpose.

Except, deplored the deputy USFPist, that the said citizens note, with astonishment and disappointment, that all the appointments are already taken. But that by contacting intermediaries and, in return for the payment of sums of money, sometimes exceeding the amount of the expenses of the file to obtain the visa, an appointment is quickly arranged!

In the same way that the appointments fixed by the Schengen visa application centers, which do not open their doors to visitors until late at night, are all taken by intermediaries who sell them to applicants for the European “sesame”.

This monopolization of appointments does not fail to raise many questions, stressed Hamid Darrak, while asking the Minister of Interior the need to rectify the situation with the taking of measures and urgent decisions to fight against the illegal actions of these intermediaries, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights of the province of Tetouan.

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