Fez / International Congress of Toxicology under the theme: “Hospital toxicology at the service of patients

 This Congress will be an opportunity to address several topics of vital importance such as: pediatric toxicology, serious intoxications, management of intoxications and antidotes, intoxications by plants, Covid 19 and intoxications and doping. Workshops will be organized to complement these themes.

  This Congress will see the participation of eminent national and foreign specialists in toxicology, but also in doping where the Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency (AMAD) is a partner in this event.

  It should be noted that the Moroccan Society of Clinical and Analytical Toxicology is an association founded in 2003 and which brings together doctors, pharmacists, biologists and scientists who contribute with their knowledge and experience to promote a discipline that treats intoxications in all its aspects.

In addition to the Congresses, the SMTCA has organized seminars and days in order to sensitize the population and the specialists.  

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