Spain grants new financial aid to Morocco to fight illegal immigration

In this regard, the Spanish newspaper “Moncola” said he obtained a document containing the details of this aid, stressing that it is part of the objective of “contribute to the expenses incurred in the operations of deployment of agents for border control, plus the maintenance costs of materials used by the Moroccan police, in the development of cooperation measures with Spain, in border control and in the fight against illegal immigration to the coasts and Spanish territories.

According to the document, “This aid should be invested in expenses related to land, sea and coastal patrols and surveillance, including fuel, oil and other additives, as well as expenses related to the maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure, goods and materials for border control; in addition to the remuneration of staff responsible for monitoring the borders and combating illegal immigration without forgetting the mechanisms for repatriation of migrants.

Note that this decision coincides with the words of the Wali Director of Migration and Border Surveillance at the Ministry of Interior, Mr. Khalid Zerouali, who said in an interview with the Spanish news agency “EFE” that the aid granted by the European Union to Morocco to fight against illegal immigration, estimated at an amount of 500 million euros over seven years, is not at all sufficient to cover the expenses of the state, which amount to 427 million euros per year.    

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