Visas: The French Embassy explains the return of refused visa fees

In this regard, the embassy explained that “the EU regulations applied by France and other countries in the Schengen area specifies that these visa fees are not refundable in case of refusal of the application,” noting that “applicants are fully informed of this issue when they fill out their application.

In addition, the embassy said that the fees for the visa application include the service fee for the provider, in this case TLS, for its information, reception and collection services, in addition to the visa fee.

The chancellery, which invokes the relations of partnership “exceptional”, existing between Morocco and France, can not find anything else to illustrate that the number of visa applications filed by Moroccans. Morocco is now among the three countries with more visa applications for France, it argues. The embassy recalled that about 150,000 visa applications were processed by the French consular services in Morocco, between the months of January and June 2022.

Without giving any figures, the embassy insists, on occasion, against the information relating to the refusal rates of visa applications, quoted by the media and circulating on social networks, describing them as “fanciful”.    
Finally, the embassy said that the dialogue continues with the Moroccan authorities on migration issues, in a context, it stresses, where “France has legitimate expectations in the fight against illegal immigration,” adding that these talks should address the issue of resuming readmissions “whose number has decreased significantly since 2020, allowing a return as quickly as possible to a normal activity in terms of visas.    

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