27,000 Moroccans left the country in 2022 to work abroad through official channels

“Nearly 27,000 Moroccans entered foreign labor markets in 2022 through official channels,” said Younes Sekkouri, Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills. He said 15,000 were in France and 12,000 in Spain.

A hundred are in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Germany. They have entered different sectors: agriculture, air transport, hotel business, public works, mining, automotive and health.Morocco has also obtained a “historic” agreement with Portugal, allowing Moroccan workers to benefit from several rights, including family reunification.

In addition, the minister said that the outcome of a strategy for the support of Moroccan workers abroad was scheduled for December. “The government wants to put in place various agreements with the destination countries of Moroccan workers to protect their rights,” said Younes Sekkouri.

Anapec is the main portal for the departure of Moroccans abroad, he added, stating that people under the Office of Vocational Training and Promotion of Work (OFPPT) were the first targeted.

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