Morocco removes customs duties on some alcoholic beverages imported from the UK

The United Kingdom says it has held negotiations with several countries to remove barriers that previously discouraged British businesses from selling alcohol in some of them, including Morocco, the U.K. public sector website reports.

“Following the intervention of the government (British, editor’s note), Morocco has removed the tariffs of 49%, imposed by mistake on a series of British spirits,” said the British Secretary of State for Trade, Kemi Badenoch, quoted by the same source.

The elimination of customs barriers in Morocco, the fourth largest African market for Scotch whisky, but also in other countries, such as Argentina, which has reduced customs duties on whisky from 35 to 20%, and Tunisia, which has released alcoholic goods blocked by its customs, will allow British products to reach millions of potential new customers.

According to the U.K. public sector website, these trade victories unlock more than £100 million worth of business for British alcohol companies.

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