Dounia Batma denounces the lies of Mohamed Al Turk 

The Moroccan singer, Dounia Batma, expressed her derision towards her husband and ex-agent, the Bahraini producer, Mohamed Al Turk, who is trying to deny the accusations she is making against him.

To support her claims, and via her official account on the social network Instagram, the singer posted photos and excerpts of video recordings, proving the lawsuit she has filed against her husband Al Turk and another young woman she accuses of “inciting prostitution and theft.”

“You’re serious, you! You are being prosecuted for incitement to prostitution and theft. Where is the victory? We’re not done, gentlemen!” wrote Dounia Batma in her post, addressing Al Turk.

Previously, the singer had explained that her husband is prosecuted by the judiciary in a state of provisional liberty, with a fine, while stressing that this prosecution concerns “someone with a woman in the house, photos, audios and bail in support”.

And he continues: “An adultery case! And if the story was reversed, just imagine if it was a married woman, caught in a public space, and not inside a house, what would have happened!

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