Casablanca: But where do these foul odors come from?

For a few days, Casablancais have been complaining about bad smells, especially at the end of the day, and they do not know the origin.

Several neighborhoods of Bernoussi, Sidi Moumen, Hay Mohammadi, Ain Sbaa, the Gironde and downtown are concerned, in fact, by these foul odors, to the displeasure of residents.

In this regard, a source of the City Council told Le Site info that local officials have received several complaints in this direction, indicating that a commission has been formed to investigate the origin of these nuisances.

Our source has ruled out, however, the assumption that these odors would come from the landfill Médiouna. “The commission will still visit the site to ensure that these odors do not come from the landfill,” he said.

He added that significant efforts have been made to get rid of anything that could cause stench in Casablanca.

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