Milk shortage: Farmers call for help

Moroccans complain about the rapid depletion of milk on store shelves. Reserved spaces in the markets are empty of this material, while some large markets set instructions on the amount that can be acquired by each person.

Several images of empty milk shelves have circulated on social networks with questions about the reasons for the current situation. Note also that this product is out of stock in some stores and stores. The owners of these stores said that “the amount supplied to them is less than usual, while the milk was running out at the end of the week because the supply process was marking time”.

Mustafa Baitas, government spokesman, said that the low supply of this substance is affected by a number of factors, some of which are seasonal, and others related to the scarcity of rainfall and pasture. Baitas added, after a Council of Government on Thursday, that the government met with professionals to discuss ways of intervention to maintain this substance at its usual levels.

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohammed Sadiki, previously revealed that there are many measures that will be activated in the near future to maintain the balance of the dairy production chain in Morocco and the income of producers. The Minister stressed that all efforts are aimed at ensuring that milk prices on the market do not change, through measures that structure the chain, including the subsidy of compound feed and support for local production of “small wheels”.

Abdelhak Boutchichi, president of the National Association of the corps of livestock technicians, pointed out that the Russian-Ukrainian war has played a role in this situation, as its impact has rubbed off on the high cost of compound feed imported from abroad, which has led to an increase in expenses and the cost of raising cows and milk production. As a result, many farmers have been forced to reduce the frequency of raising dairy cows and others have been forced to sell their herd and thus stop their activity.  

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