Customs control: Faouzi Lekjaâ reassures travelers and MREs

For days, rumors have been circulating about a supposed strengthening of customs control at border crossings, particularly at airports, on Moroccan travelers. A strengthening that would have, according to rumors, not excluded Moroccans living abroad. This has prompted the Ministry to react via an official statement denying these rumors.

As the issue has taken a national scope, it has imposed itself in the debates in the House of Representatives where the Minister Delegate in charge of the budget, Faouzi Lekjaâ came to clarify this controversy and put an end to gossip.

Questioned on this point by several parliamentary groups during the weekly session devoted to oral questions, the minister said that customs control has not changed. “The customs legislation has not changed,” he said, recalling that the current law applies only to commercial transactions on products of foreign origin. “Beyond commercial transactions, the customs do not intervene in the control,” he explained.

In his speech, the Minister denied that personal items and gifts of MREs are subject to enhanced control. To reassure everyone, Lekjaâ stressed the efforts made by the customs authorities to facilitate, as much as possible, the freedom of movement of the MREs and their accessibility to the motherland.

Recall that the Ministry of Economy and Finance has denied, categorically unfounded allegations that the Administration of Customs and Indirect Taxation (ADII) has strengthened control over gifts and personal effects belonging to Moroccan travelers, including Moroccans of the world, upon their arrival on the national territory.  

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