Boulmane: Celebration of saffron and local products Bio

The town of Serghina, in the province of Boulmane, celebrated Saturday, its local products Bio, including saffron, to the rhythm of local folk heritage. This event is organized at the initiative of Domaine Irzane, which is a farm dedicated to the production of saffron certified organic, located in Douar Ait Ali in Serghina, under the province of Boulmane, about 130 km from the city of Fez.

The event was an opportunity to highlight the various local products of the province of Boulemane, including saffron, which is now, in recent years, an essential activity for several local cooperatives, in addition to highlighting the natural diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants.

This meeting was also an opportunity to explore the remarkable initiatives related to local products that meet the requirements of organic farming, which adapt to climate change occurring around the world, and are environmentally friendly.

Domaine Irzane is one of the important initiatives led by Moroccans around the world to invest in nature and seek out local products, with the aim of creating stable jobs for rural women and saving water by resorting to alternative crops that require less water.

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