Traffic accidents: 15 dead and 2,290 injured last week

The General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) draws up a new report on traffic accidents in urban areas.

According to the weekly data, 15 people died and 2,290 were injured, 83 of them seriously, in 1,739 traffic accidents during the week of October 31 to November 6.
“These accidents are mainly due to the inadvertence of drivers, speeding, failure to respect the right of way, inadvertence of pedestrians, failure to respect the safety distance, change of direction without using a signal, failure to control vehicles, unauthorized change of direction, failure to obey the stop sign, failure to obey the red light, drunk driving, defective overtaking and traffic on the left lane and in the wrong direction,” said the DGSN in a statement.

Regarding the control and repression of traffic violations, the security services have established 43,999 tickets and 8,216 reports submitted to the prosecutor, while 35,783 transactional fines have been collected, according to the same source. The sums collected under these tickets have reached 7,778,675 dirhams, the statement continued, reporting the impounding of 4,468 vehicles, the seizure of 8,216 documents and the withdrawal of 334 vehicles from circulation.

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