The fishing boats begin an open strike

Faced with the increase in the price of diesel, fishing boats have had no other recourse than to go on open strike. The professionals of the sector call on the government to find solutions to their situation.

Several unions indicated that the increase in the price of diesel has had a drastic impact on their activity, which has caused a decrease in production. Trips are becoming increasingly rare, as fuel expenses do not leave a large profit margin for fishermen.

They say they do not understand the government’s silence, which should rather open the door to dialogue with representatives of the sector to help them overcome the crisis.

The National Association of Fishermen Sailors in Morocco (ANMP Morocco) said in a statement, of which Le Site Info has a copy, that professionals in the sector are suffering losses of 80%. This, in addition to the increase in the cost of living, which pushes some sailors to suspend their activity.

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