Strategic stock of petroleum products: the government plans an investment of 2 billion dirhams in 2023

In response to oral questions in the House of Representatives on the strategy for preserving the energy sovereignty of the Kingdom, Mustapha Baitas did not fail to explain the reasons behind the problems that complicate the constitution of a national strategic stock of petroleum products. 

In this vein, the government official highlighted the current government’s plan to invest in oil products. The Ministry of supervision the creation of an additional global storage capacity of petroleum products, an investment of about 2 billion dirhams by 2023, said Baitas. And note that this measure is part of the ambitious policy adopted by Morocco to increase the level of reserve stock and meet the needs of the national market in energy products. 

Recall that the Spokesman for the Executive replaced the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, who was unable to attend the first chamber. 

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